Thursday, March 21, 2013

At last, something to report

It's been awhile since I have had something to post; longer than I like, actually. There were some delays getting the necessary parts in and modified, but they are finally here. The cylinder is back from American Bike Tailor where it was bored 1mm over and media blasted. The 80mm Wiseco forged 10.5:1 piston (PN 4576M08000) had to arrive before the overbore could be performed. And then the timing chain guides, gaskets, and other miscellaneous items were all sourced from different distributors. Coordination fail on my part.

Piston and media blasted cylinder sitting pretty.

The cylinder after three coats of Dupli-Color® Engine Enamel (DE1651 - Cast Coat Iron). One of my favorite motorcycles ever is Odd Job by Dues Ex Machina. I'm a sucker for the raw aluminum engine with the bright red cylinder. However, for fear of following too closely in their tracks or creating a clown-bike mega-fail, I opted for a subtler contrast between the factory dark gray engine paint and Cast Coat Iron.The engine enamel is a little more metallic than I anticipated, but am confident it will look good when all buttoned up.

A small item I splurged on was a polished stainless steel engine bolt kit. It was fairly inexpensive considering each bolt head was hand polished and allows me to migrate away from hex heads to allen heads. Kinda stoked for all those little baggies.

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