DR350 Links

Inspiration Sites
PipeBurn.com - Customs, classics, and cafe racers. Typically, simple and classy.  If TWM lands here, I won.
BikeExif.com - Customs of most kinds. Beautiful bikes, but most are more show than go with big budgets.

Street Trackers/DR350 Build Projects
Alan's DR800 - Super impressive (so far) DR800 build. Well above what I hope to accomplish, but cool non the less.
Crossed Purpose - Fun blog about a guy building an XR600 into a cafe racer.  While we are headed in two different directions and he has a head start, he's proof this mashup idea can work.
DisTech's DR350 - Comprehensive DR350 rebuild and upgrade thread. Great DR350 info here.
DR350 Supermoto - Not what I'm after, but good info and was completed on a $1,570 budget.
GN400 Tracker - A local builder's project to turn a GN400 into a ice racer/flat tracker.
Gregory Bender's DR350 - Excellent DR350 info from a DR fan; tricks, information, & links.
Ludwig's DR350 Page - Tons of DR350 specifications. The first stop for any potential DR350 buyer.
Middle Class Chops XR600 Street Tracker - A simple build with a ton of character.
NX650 Street Trackers - The closest motos I have seen to what this project hopes to become.
Pablo's DR350 - Well documented, thorough DR350 build with many DR350/250 comparisons.
ROC Street Tracker -Probably the most-viewed street tracker project on the internet, but for good reason.
Vintage Flat Trackers (vft.org) Street Tracker Index - A long list of inspiration.
XL600 Street Tracker - The blog that seeded the idea of building one myself.  I have read through this entire blog at least three times.

Maintenance, Servicing, and DIYs
ADVrider's DR350 Thread
DR350 Crank Gear Failure
DR350 Dragging Clutch Fix 
DR350 Identification Page
DR350 Lowered Foot Pegs
DR350 Fork Swap Info - Bearing sizes, swap candidates, etc. 
Engine Break-in
Jetting by Thumper FAQ
Muffler DIYs 
Steerer Size Chart on scandalon.com on customfighters.com

DR350 Parts
Pro Cycle
Thumper Racing - 441cc Big Bore Kit

Cafe/Tracker Parts (not DR-specific)
Dime City Cycles - Generally cafe-specific, but a decent source for parts
Durell Racing - Flat track parts and racing accessories
Grand Prix Speed Works - Street/dirt tracker parts/tanks/mufflers.  Mostly Yamaha-specific, but many universal
Roc City Cafe Racers - Cafe-specific alloy tanks
Yeltrik Parts Finder

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