Monday, November 19, 2012

Organ Donor

My number on the donor-list has come up.  I have a cylinder head.  Had to drive 2.5hrs to Breckenridge for it, but it is exactly what I need and only cost $180.  Score.  [Un]fortunately, it included the rest of the bike... and she's no show queen.  It looks like she has spent some long hard years outside enduring high altitude UV and cold winters. 

I keep reminding myself that there is more to be salvaged from this new garage occupant than just the cylinder head, but it's a hard fact to accept when there are three motorcycles camping my parking spot, two of which don't run, and one is absolutely filthy.  My wife is staying silent on this subject; probably because the cold steering wheel and daily windshield scraping is a fitting punishment in her eyes.

Look at those beautiful journals.  They do have some minor wear, but certainly good enough to be used again.

Remember how I said all the DR donor bikes have their own closet full of bones?  Well, this one's head has two mended exhaust studs.  Hey, it's better than toasted journals.  I can at least drill these out and retap the holes if I can't get them loose with a little heat and PB Blaster.

Here's a fun comparison.  That's a 2005 CRF450X piston on the left and a 1991 DR350S on the right.  Formula 1 technology versus Briggs & Stratton technology.  Short skirts versus ballroom gown.  Anorexia diet versus hand-me-another-bag-of-Cheetos diet. 

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