Monday, December 10, 2012

Total Annihilation

After what has felt like months of no physical progress, I finally picked up a wrench and did something. The CRF hasn't sold [yet], so I haven't been able to order/send off the engine parts I need to make progress on that bike. Instead, I tore into the second DR (dubbed "#2") and disassembled it.



The resulting mess.  This is what I still have to go through, clean, label, and box.  Some of it will be discarded.  Most will be kept, especially small or expensive stuff.

The case cleaned and ready to be put away.  All in all, it looks pretty good.  I like the gray color that Suzuki used on the DR cases.  If someone knows the paint code for this color, let me know.

One total bummer was the wiring harness.  Since #2 is an S and had turn signals, I hoped the wiring harness would be unmolested.  Not the case.  At some point, someone decided to use speaker wire to get power to the back of the bike, not to mention sever a lot of the original wires.  Grrr...  So much for that idea.

One bit of good news is the oil pump in #2 works... even if the oil it pumped out smelled like burnt hydraulic fluid.  If the same test in #1 does not flow oil, at least I can rob #2's crank case of its oil pump, or in a worst case, use #2's crank case and internals, which feel pretty good considering the bike's life outside.

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